Emperors, poets, explorers, seamen, and craftsmen, each with his or her own chapter in the island’s history, have become part of its DNA over the course of time. In a place where the capital’s main square is called Eternal Poetry Square, every possible medium becomes part of the narrative.

Our neighborhood

A semi-private paradise awaits you to discover & experience it; a breathtaking, living landscape where the diversity of colors, the uniqueness of both the flora and fauna, along with the spirit of the locals, create a welcoming aura, unspoiled by exposure -a rare commodity in today’s all-connected, all-accessible world.
Start from our beautiful beach, Vina, dive and swim in the beautiful crystal clear waters that lay just a few steps away from the resort’s premises. Before you leave, don’t forget to admire the rocky, wild landscape.

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Want to embark on a “treasure-hunt” to discover the island’s hidden gems? Rent a Jeep and discover secluded beaches & picturesque small villages.
Adventurers and equine enthusiasts rejoice; Horseback-riding allows you to discover hidden beaches and secluded spots on the island. Alternatively, you can meet Skyros’ rare indigenous horse breed (the Skyrian horse); this breed existed in antiquity throughout Greece, but managed to survive only here.
Care for some hiking adventures?
Numerous trails unveil Skyros’ diverse landscape and are accessible for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

Finally, all-day cruises & boat tours provide a close-up of the teal blue waters of the island, while top-notch instructors can guide you on an underwater tour.
Protect yourself from the summer heat by staying in the shade as much as possible and don’t forget to bring with you the essentials; water, sun lotion, sunglasses, a sunproof hat and your hiking shoes (swimsuit is optional).

Island stories

A young hero, disguised and hidden, yet eager to make history on the battlefield of Troy. A young dancer posing for a statue, years before his rise on the cultural stardom as a world-known art collector.
A patron saint, riding the island’s signature pony horse. Skyros is a mythical getaway, a haven for tales and creatures that the aura or folklore protects them in one of Aegean’s most discreet corners. If you feel like exploring them, prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey…

your trip

To better prepare for your journey, you need to understand where exactly you are arriving. Skyros is an island with its own distinct character; Combining elements from both Sporades and Cyclades (situated at equal distance from both), it exudes a unique, alternative feel. Essentially, it is the unity of opposites.


How to get here?

Flights to Skyros depart from Athens and Thessaloniki, with both cities being well connected to other EU and international cities.
Ferries depart for Skyros from Kymi (small port on the eastern side of Euboea island), with frequent connection (about 2-3 times/day). During the high-season, there is ferry connection between Skyros and Alonissos.

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